My Awesome Little Man


“On the day you were born, the angels clapped their hands and the moon danced with the stars”

This is a blog about stories and adventures about my little son. From the priceless firsts, exciting developments, his little outlook on the big wide world and the day-to-day adventure as it unfolds.

Motherhood has been a great journey for me, I have learnt so much over the past year and feel as though I have been blessed with a brand new life to share with my brand new baby – Arjun. I would love to share my precious tips, baby lessons, baby-best-practices with all those moms with bumps or new moms out there. All the new moms who are feeling overwhelmed and need to reach out, please feel free to do and Ill be more than happy to hear from you and share a thought or two.

I am very thankful for the lovely readers, followers and wonderful friends that make up ‘My Awesome Little Man” community.

Live Love Laugh and let your hopes shape the future …..

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