Your first sweet conversations…..

Winter doesn’t want to leave … The clocks have changed and spring is here. The daffodils are in bloom, however, winter wants to join in on the spring fun. This year you had your first bout of snow.  It didn’t snow for too long but enough for you to get a taste of what winter wonderland is all about. You immediately connected with the snow, each morning, you’ll jump to the window to see if there are any sprinkles of white frosting …. and you will scream out it is…..

“….noowing today”! 

I don’t think you quite enjoyed walking in the snow though, I guess it was a weird sensation for you, as though you assumed the ground will hold you, but as you walked on the snow, you didn’t really you will be walking into it. and the cold was not too fun either. You are like me, you hate the cold.

The past two months you’ve really been talking a lot more, infact, a few days ago we actually had a two-way conversation.

Arjun: I like water

mommy: if you like water why do you cry so much when you have nahi nahi (aka bath) 

Arjun: I like nahi nahi ….. I like water

You can be very expressive. you have so much love to share, loads of  hugs and kisses and even more love for everything sweet. Ah with this horrible weather what better way to deal with it than indulge in all things sweet. Which probably is why your first sentences are all about chocolate and candy! Also,  it also could be because you had your first taste of ice cream this month.

yummy I like chocolate, I like sugar, I love you, I like ifeam (Icecream), I like candy “


Frequent expressions

 hmmm alliscious …..(delicious when you have chocolate or sugar)

ahi night – good night

good morning ….

see you soon …. “

But my favourite little sentence was when you said: “take care”. Sweetest little words of consideration and care.  So have so much love to give and every day I wake up a proud mommy, in total aww of what a lovely gentle boy you are growing up to be, full of life and love.





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