Boys will be boys? girls will be girls? What pulls boys to cars and girls to dolls. It’s fascinating to see this development unfold (naturally?). It took a trip to the local Bristol zoo, to learn (the hard way) about my son’s obsession with cars. But irrespective of the mood, I simply will not forget the priceless smile he had sitting in the driver’s seat, hand on the gear, other on the wheel, little legs dangling towards the gears… In place, in full control, as though it was second nature to him.

Dear Arjun, you totally fell in love with this rugged Land Rover, totally elated and full of excitement. You simply loved every minute of it….. until I had to velcro you out of it. An explosive tantrum, uncontrollable wailing and crying … the terrible twos – little did I know this would be the end of a trip to the zoo that hadn’t even begun. but the start something that you seem to truly love and find joy in.

For past two years, I was a strong advocate gender-neutral toys, but Arjun seems to have an inbuilt fascination with wheels and machines! so maybe there is something more ….. either way, at the end of the day, it is all about what brings that smile on your face, what induces that joy and the passion for something that truly lights up your world with joy. This emotion has to be harnessed and secured. It is so important to have in the years to come. Never lose it, always be filled with this force of joy.


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