2018……..Can I get a whoop whoop!!


Today, a Sunday, the last day of the week and in this case, the last few hours of the year. Ah what a neatly wrapped end to 2017. Like a final touch of icing, glazed on a 12-tiered cake! And….. I feel totally jubilant, excited – throwing my hands wide open with joy, totally fully, ready to welcome the new year ahead!

I cannot express how I love this feeling!

Though, having said that, ironically, this year has been super packed with chaos and pandemonium. In retrospect, it felt as though I was free falling into Alice’s hole. Unsure if I was heading up or down. It took a degree of lack of control, a level of impatience, and slight despair to realise that I don’t fully hold the reins. This is what made this year so amazing. I learnt that even though we feel we have no control, we are still in charge – with passion, hard work and a deep love for something you truly believe in, you subconsciously take on a leadership role and continue to shape your dreams. When this kind of control manifests, you begin to feel like you can do whatever you want with no limits and no boundaries.

Ah what an epic year 2017 has been for us! This year has definitely been an exciting one; it came with its fair share of bumps and hiccups but cannot be measured by the laughs, fun and special moments we shared. 2017 has been nothing less than 365-days-stretched-out-rollercoaster-ride, exhilarating and full of surprise curves that catch your breath, twists and turn that make you squeal and zero gravity falls that make you skip a beat. Within the disorder unrolled a gentle order of uncontrived events.

They say looking back in time, sometimes, can be glum and gloom for some, especially when the year is ebbing in its final days. But when you shine the spotlight on the triumphs, in my view, it is the only way, to measure your achievement.  I look back in the year and focus on our little accomplishments, milestones hit, and happy moments shared. It gives me a baseline to start the year on. Reflecting back aligns every piece of the puzzle, I might not see the whole picture yet, but the boo-boo’s made toughen the layer of my skin, sharpen my learning curve, and prepares  my 2018’s rollercoaster ride. Today I look back and I stand proud. I kick-my-heels in joy for all the milestones reached, I salute my feats, recognise my defeats and I rejoice new endeavours.

I learnt to let things be, they will unfold when the time is right. if they don’t, you plant a new seed.

My son and I have had no option but to embrace what came our way. We opened our hands wide and took the fall and we enjoyed every minute of it. Sometimes making a choice is not necessarily the control needed to march you forward, it is the freedom and power of making the choice to let go and accept status quo. And when I did this, I let go of fear too. I fear nothing. (ok maybe the odd spiders or two…but) Trust me when I tell you, this is a damn good feeling to let go of the fear of the future. Together my son and I have pushed boundaries beyond our comfort zone, we have risen to the challenge or we had to adapt, both are successful paths because you’ll always win.

With each other by our sides, we will never be alone. My son has made me realise that he is another part of my being. When I ask him the most basic of questions, “What is your name?” He replies “Mommy!” Because he does not see us apart, he sees us as one entity. It is the sweetest dearest gift, by far, the most important thing my son has taught me this year. I teach him to be independent and he, in return, teaches me that we both are united.

“We hold on together when the ride got rough and threw our hands in the air when we wanted to fly”

My son has taught me so much in past year. He is full of courage, agility, acceptance, willingness, fortitude and stubbornness, (which he probably gets from me).  But what’s been most important to me, that I have picked up from my little son, is resuming a leadership role in my life.  He has an impatience for independence and taking charge. He reminds me that it is our life, and whatever the situation, we can take full control of it.

Aw my dear baby, this is only, but, your second year in life. Life is so mysterious, so unknown, so sacred. What is inside you is what’s most important because it shapes what is outside you. What you project outside reflects the state of your relationship with yourself. Your relationship with yourself must be strong, secure, happy and loved.

Thank you for giving my life endless joys, precious moments and so so so much love. The future waits for us! Let us grab yet another year, 2018 by its horns!!!

Whoop Whoop!!

Happy New Year!

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