Cuteness come with a loaded package….

IMG_7149Dear Little man,

Sometimes you are a handful….

There ! I have said it, all mothers out there, my little bundle of cuteness is growing to be gigantic work. Yes, we have the fun days, the cute days, the selfie days where everything looks so picture perfect. But I have to admit, there are other days, the reality is far far from picture perfect.

Little man, pardon my irritation, but honestly,  it is constantly non-stop from 8am to when you decide to fall asleep. If it not picking after you, it is before you (in case you land your little hands on something that I thought you could not reach). If it is not chasing you around,  then it is you chasing me around the house in the furry of a tantrum.

Did I say till you fall asleep? (cough cough – not) You wake up 10 times in the night to check if  I am there, it was adorable at the start but by now you should understand that mommy is here to stay! When REM kicks in, I am rudely disrupted with little voice that begins with “maa” then “maa maa” and it seizes to stop until I respond.

I thought I would get over the midnight babbling until you started poking! You have graduated the callings to poking and prodding. Little one, do you think I have disappeared somewhere in the blanket-hole mommy wishes existed? No….  no blanket hole, no disappearing. And if that was not enough, you call, you poke and as of yesterday you’ve decided to walk out of bed and switch on the lights! It is truely amazing that you have learnt this new found skill, please don’t get me wrong kiddo, there is no need to show it off at 3am! Oh wait! It is not over! He switches on the lights and pokes my eyes open! Oh and now it’s 4am!

Baby, it is sleep time, please understand that means humans need to get some rest so we can accomplish raising little terrors like yourself.

Also while I am at it….. Food is for eating. You ask me for food, I am happy to give you loads and loads of food, but like normal kids, you have to eat or at least try to eat it before you begin to play with it. There is no need to plaster the strawberries all over the wall, there is no need to pour your water all over the floor.

Second: Toys are for playing! I have news for you little man, mommy’s things are not toys! they are not for you to play with.  If you could learn the meaning of “no” as fast as you’ve learned to use my iphone and ipad I would be your BFF. I just don’t get it how-how? how quick did you learn about apps? who? when? why? where??


Last but not least: Mommies make up is not paint! I will not say more ……

Each day you wake up with a new set of missions to accomplish leaving me with a new set of rules to inculcate in you. Oddly, you can do so much at this tender age of 21 months, but you don’t quite understand the words “no”. Motherhood is by far the toughest responsibility I have,  not only does it test every physical bone in my body but it pushes me to the limit. My thresholds for patience and temperament are being challenged daily. I am a  7/11 coaching school, always in a session, training you or training myself to keep calm and collected. I get frustrated, I get irritated, and I don’t understand how something so little,  cute and cuddly, warm and lovely can push me to my far beyond limits. And for those who think motherhood is not a full-time job, I challenge you to join my course! I don’t understand how something so little,  cute and cuddly, warm and lovely can push me to my far beyond limits.


The pressure of the day to day frenzie does not measure the enormous pressure I carry, to shape your life.  “I shape your life”… saying it out loud, gives me goosebumps. Most days are full of fun, I think you and I are doing an awesome job but some days mommy needs a time-out moment.

I love you x

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  1. What a great article!! Stay strong, mommy! It doesn’t last forever. Blink and they are going to college!

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    1. Aww thank you 🙂 the vent off session was good! You are right though they grow so quick! I have what hmmm 16 more years till I ship him off to college HMMMM LOL!

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      1. I remember both my daughter’s births, fixed points in time; I blinked and they were in kindergarten; I blinked again and they were in high school; again and they graduated; their lives became blurs between blinks for me…gone too fast, never to be replayed. One day I was 19…the next I was 40.

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      2. Aww I’m totally guilt-ridden, I think I’ll hug him and not let go now…. You are right, time does fly by, it’s probably why I started this blog site. Having said that it is so hard to caputure every moment. You have to live each day to the fullest!

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      3. You can never take too many pictures, or make too many videos!!

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