Everyday’s miracles at 20 months old…


My little champ is now 20 months … and going strong! (Give me a high five!!) He is totally ready to conquer the world with his newly mastered skills! He roams the home invincibly, like a little clever, curious, eager beaver, sponging his new environment, absorbing everything around him. Prodding, poking, romping and rollicking on to anything that comes his way. A little daredevil that can sometined burst on to the floor in an unpredicted tantrum.

Having said that, the month has been all been fun, funny, adorable and amazingly jammed packed with cute adoring first moments. He constantly reminds me that every little thing is every days miracle.

I did not realise how often I speak the words like “wow, oh no, sorry, apple, yay” till my little man started imitating exactly how I would say it. If he can not fully understand it, he will unmistakably be able to imitate it! A skill I have learnt from him ;-).

What is most amazing is he actually chooses what to learn. It’s as if he screen and calibrate the information going into his little brain, quickly ascertains which words he will find useful to use immediately and those he will need later. He inevitably imbibes the words that will allow others to simply but surely understand his ways and needs. I can literally visualise his mind’s wheels turning, gearing up the cogs and building the momentum to take on the world! Ok – I’m a geek mom! But he is a science, watching his little mind at work! And by no doubt the words he uses most frequently are proof  in the pudding. Listed below;

Nice: He approves

No: He doesn’t approve

More: He like this, do not stop, I want an excess amount of it

Sorry: He made a mistake and he respects others feeling, he also knows that this world will help alleviate the tension.

I lov vu: Which I would assume means I love you mommy!

I was swimming in one of my metaphoric ponders, and I thought to myself, it in the deep rooted definitions of these basic words that could allow us humans to live peacefully, respectfully and lovingly together.

My dear baby boy, do not be in a rush to grow up, enjoy these moments and let mommy enjoy them as much and absorb every shred of amazingawesometerrificbeautifulincrediblesweetness that you are …….

Love life, laugh hard and live it to the fullest.


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