Oreo cookies + chips = 19 Months Old

IMG_5564Did I forget to add – and some milkshake? And there you have it! As each month unfolds, I realise I am the mother I can best be. I admit I am those mommies who give my little cudlet Oreo cookies and Mcdonald’s fries! (not to mention with a few sips of milkshake). You’re asking – why in the world …? Because he LOVES it.

Ok ok…. I am not sure what all the fuss is about, in moderation, in control, it’s nice to see Arjun enjoy his new found taste buds! Last month we battled his utter disdain for food … Now, totally reformed, he now tells me what he wants to eat and when he is hungry. Yes, I eased on the pressure.

I have realised that he doesn’t have a sweet tooth. No no, not one, ALL his new teeth are sweet! He loves sweet things! From Oreo cookies, fruit cakes, to high tea biscuits …. Sugar is his month (BFF) best found food.

Arjun is now past the one and half line! He is no longer a little baby… He is a cuteasaurus! All his new little words are jam pack with cuteness, love, laughter and adorability. He truly is becoming a

lovely adoresome little man.

The word of the month!

Blaie: /ˈbalaie/ noun: a large piece of woollen or similar material used as a covering on a bed or elsewhere for warmth. Also called blanket, from the words blanket (Eng) and Rajai (Punjabi) Blaie.

Arjun is a bilingual baby.  His love for his blanket is the epitome of his adaptation to his learning ability to process two different languages. He invented the word Blaie.

He love singing, he loves laughing and he loves playing hide and seek! But what’s most adorable about this month are his little hugs and the fact that he can somewhat say “I love you” ….. (I love veer). He is simply and utterly adorabawesomely, cweet!!

That seals his 19 months with love loaded hugs and kisses. x




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