wasn’t eating supposed to be fun & simple….

IMG_4864I am generally a very positive person and enjoy sharing the positivity that surrounds me and my little son. But there are some days in my journey as a mommy, I feel like sinking my head in the sand in hope that the earth beneath will swallow me and drown my state of helplessness, or if nothing else, I could  jump off the cliff  of hopeless mothers.

My son was suffering from a relentless bug that seemed to assume a state of “sizzling-sunshine-on-Miami-beach” in my son’s body. Temperatures soaring up to 40 degrees, maybe higher. His cold sweats were worrying and we ended up in the A&E.

Turns out there was nothing to worry about. The bug were enjoying a short weekend break and would soon be packing their grubby little germ bags up…….

But, then, the expression on the doctors face as she in shock continued to say ” Your son is worryingly underweight. His weight reflects that of an eight month old”. Oh readers, I feel so distressed and embarrassed to even type these words as I feel overwhelmingly responsible for this ….. How could I let this happen?

My mind races. what did I do wrong, where did I miss the signs, should I blame the system? why wasn’t I warned ….I was always told he is an active baby burning all the fat, his mommy is small hence baby will be small, oh there is nothing to worry about, some children are big and some are little….. But my son is harmfully little. I am fully responsible for him, I am fully responsible for this, thus I am to blame.

So, at 18 months old, how do I force him to eat?

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