17 months and 17 words…

IMG_3253Hi Everyone, It has been a few months since I have given an update on my awesome little man. Let us not get too excited….. I am still on a sort of forced pause mode. My little one has prematurely accelerated his way right into the phase of  “terrible-two’s”. It appears to have come 6 months early. The grey patch between the need for dependence and desire for independence by far the “not-so-fun” phase of motherhood (…. ok I will say it , I hate it!).

Reliance on me has lead to moments of frazzle and frenzy and a little temper tantrum toddler. Ooooh did I say t-o-d-d-l-e-r?!! I was only just getting used to the cute infancy phase and how quickly it has passed! My little baby is now a little toddler. Nevertheless, the last thing I expected was this drastic change from a little package of cuteness and cuddle that gaga-goo-gooed and drooled with puppy eyes to an energy packed bunny that cannot wait to explore and rampage into everything. (Yes, I am trying very hard to be polite with the flowery words …. about the transformation).

My moppet has morphed into a moody little scallywag, expressing himself with bouts of cry and tantrums. Now, over the months he has definitely learnt to communicate with words too.

I know they say motherhood is full of surprises but I think a year long into this, I could gladly trade the surprises with some peace and order. OK – so now that I have the rant out of my system. I can move on to more positive things.

As much as this stage is a lot of work, it comes with its fair share of fun. It is amazing how much love these little thing are packed with….. one thing I don’t have to teach him. Love. They have an amazing way of showing their affection. And there is enough to go around, for mommy, strangers and everything around him.

Everyday, he learns a new way of expressing himself. Most are self taught, through mimicking, repetition or the things that he loves. It is not surprising he has picked up common words used. No-no-no”obviously when my little monster is rampaging through all the cupboards and drawers, plugs and wires …. what does mommy say? He has also learnt the finger pointing gestures to go along with it. Like mommy like son.

Balloons (“baloo”) and bubbles (“babool“): It did not take too long for him to learn balloons and bubbles are lovely little round things to play with until they burst.

Water (Pah): He has also started using one letter words to communicate his needs. To say, “I am thirsty, I want water”, all he just has to say Pah a million times and lord and behold, a drink will be served. When it rains it is also “Pah”. He understands it is one of the same thing.

He still has a massive disdain for bath time, in this case it is not “pah”  it is  “Nahi Nahi” (bath time). The good news is I dont have to use a thermometer anymore, he can tell me when the water is uncomfortably warmer than usual – “tatha”. He can also tell me when something is too hot or emits heat, like a candle is “tatha” (hot), a cup of tea is “tatha”.

Apple (apol) Orange (oange): I might be a geeky mom, but its never too early to get them singing the alphabet. A is for A  “Papble” (note not a typo, apple for now has a new name papble). B for “teddy” C for “teddy” D for “teddy”……… E is for you get the idea. I have also started him on the “one, two, three, four, five….once I caught a fish alive” I will start with the one, two, he finishes it off with a “Three”.

Ah did I mention I too have a new name? I am not “Mommy” I have a special official title  Deeeee” or Ami”. Ah …. and I love it! I personally prefer Dee. Guess what Grandma is? “Mum” and oh yes! She definitely gloats with malignant pleasure.

“Teddy”: Arjun is totally animal obsessed and has also made some new friends; the greedy pigeons, the summer birds, neighbours cats and the all the walkers dogs. Oh and they are all called Teddy!

“Meeoww”: No I am sorry, its not the cat that does meoww its the Teddy!

He has learnt to give hugs and eskimo kisses. Plenty to share with everyone. Including all his teddy bears and teddy friends.

Food (“Mummum”): He is still by far the fussiest eater I have ever known. On the plus point he understands that the pigeon comes to eat some seeds. He does relate this with ” teddy mum mum”. Mummum being food.

Other words he has picked up with day to day routines. “Car” (yes a vehicle) , “lala “(sleep), “toto” (baby or kid).

Flower (“flowa”): He recognises flowers. He plucks them and try’s to stick them back on! Arjun by far loves the outdoors and is growing little green fingers. Whilst I spend my time gardening, he accompanies me playing in the garden with a water can or the hosepipe or chasing the pigeons. He has learnt how to water the plants! Extremely adorable.

These moments have been so peaceful, a great bonding experience with him. Oh! wait did I say peaceful? hmmmmm lets say one hand has the shovel and the other is reaching out to him when he decides to pull out all the colourful flowers.  But peaceful moments albeit short lived.

He loves running free in the park. Pulling little flowers from the ground and throwing pebbles here and there.  He certainly has made the beginning of summer so so very bright and warm.


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