An enchanting little venture trapped in a book…

IMG_2832I believe our little ones are born with a special key, a key that unlocks a special power within us. I have always thought we mothers are superwomen and each of us has a superpower that our little ones release. Something that transforms us to perform on full throttle, makes the impossible possible, motivating us to push our boundaries further and further.

Arjun, my little one, unlocked a flame in me that he continues to fuel. A desire in me to want to do things, that perhaps, I would not have thought of in my wildest dreams. 

It all started when Arjun was about two months old. His curious nature mesmerises me. He was spellbound and captivated by everything around him. His eyes would light up, big and bright, seeing things, as if for the very first time, eager to live each moment.

A brand new life in front if him to sponge right in Learning and absorbing everything around him.

What I found most enchanting was his fascination for nature and the outdoors.  It is as though he felt a magnificence in the simplicity we tend to take for granted, as we get older. At a very early stage, he desired his own sense of independence, like a free spirit liberated to adventure out. It got me thinking… How can I trap some fundamental feelings that dissolve with time. How can I continue to evoke them over and over again? Memories permanently ensnared for him to revisit, relive and thrive in. 

The answer was trap feelings  in a book…

It lead to one of my projects I want to share with you. One I never thought I would do, leave alone complete. Being an avid reader, I always aspired to write a book. When Arjun was born, I finally got the inspiration I needed. Cuddled in my arms, he reminded me of what innocence and purity looks like, and it is this very feeling that inspired me to plan my first book and turn my long lost dream to a reality.

 “Grandma’s Garden” was born … 

His very first reaction, expressions and emotion for the outdoors gave me an insight and an opportunity to see his new magical world through his eyes. It felt as though he was in some enchanted garden and everything was so splendid and wondrous to him. His first touch of the flowers and leaves, his first gaze of ants marching about and his first wizzz of the sound of buzzing-bees fly by – For the first time I felt his curiosity cultivate and his sense of adventure explore. I wanted to keep that spark alive.


It took me about 10 months to complete the book, just in time for his very first birthday…… additionally, I thought to myself, what better birthday gift can I give him? But this book; my opportunity to create a picture of that attachment he felt, the spirit of inquisitiveness and the thrill to seek adventure in the world around him. I wanted to give him something that, in the coming years, would inspire him and inject love for the outdoors.

Through each page, I want to nurture a sense of adventure as he starts to understand his space. In many ways, you too can bring the story to life in your own backyard. We can build moments and memories with our little ones once their little feet find the ground. Hunt for exciting activities together and help them understand the world around them.

The process was not as complicated as I thought but on the contrary, it was a fun and exciting experience. However, much time is spent pondering and planning. So, if you have the patience, it can be a great project for you too.

My starting point was thinking about storyline. Many make the mistake of thinking about what will sell. I guess if you want to make money then it is a wise thought but I believe if you have a story to share, the personal attributes of the narrative makes the story inimitably your very yarn and merits the audience. What they think of it is their opinion.

My story was short, in my mind, it was a vivacious stage where reality meets fantasy and they go dancing together.  I designed grandma garden for 0-5 years of age. Infants love bright colours, spiral lines and bold images. The animations were actual photographs so I did not have to do too much  design work. My main aim was to ensure the book is a good visual treat for the young ones.  Alongside, I also I wanted a read along poem, something that he can related to and at some point provoke questions and enjoy the message. I kept the word count very low. Arjun is drawn to small few words packed up in little sentences. Beyond 3-4 lines, they simply lose interest.

The book’s value, for the most part, is to feed our little ones imagination with love for the outdoors and the simple things around them. I hope at some point in time, I can see this book come to life!

I want to share this with others out there and create a world of adventure…..

A publishing company is interested in publishing the book; however, they are charging me a fee of £2000 to cover the production costs. At some point, I would love to see my book published. It will bring the journey to its final destination. I set up a crowd funding page in hope to raise money to cover the publishing costs. Your help and support will be greatly appreciated,  but above all, take inspiration in my journey knowing you too can venture out and start a small book of your own. 

If you want to help give this little book, wings feel free to support me on the link below.

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