My first year with my son…

Look out everyone, here comes an awesome new year!!!!! Happy 2017!

This year has been by far the most precious year of my life. I would trade all my years to  only live this very year, to relive each moment I have shared with my son.

My first year with my son…. my son that is my making, my being, my flesh, my soul and that element that injected great power in me. Motherhood is not only about lessons, actions and a duty, I have come to realise that not only is it a priceless gift but a multifaceted one.

A gift so delphic yet infinitude in its value. A gift that keeps giving, keeps teaching, keeps and keeps growing. My first year with my son has unbolted  a spirit, set my fears free and given me an elan, such a force so powerful to simply allow me to do.

What is most special is not just fully submitting to a bond of love, but peeling through the layers of love, revealing all its forms. benevolence, compassion, humanity, selflessness …

My first year with my son, I am constantly put to the test, constantly put on the slippery slope. Yes, I do slip and slide, but the fall is not as hard as before. We cushion each other, we dust up and move on.

I continue to pinch myself, my reality litters a beauty that is delicate, tender and full of happiness. Just a smile and fills this beauty in my soul, I feel blessed to be in a mindset that is just content. My first year with my son and that is all I see. My beautiful baby.

This year has been his first for everything. His first smile, first steps, first words, first hug, his first everything ….. all the firsts that would make him the unique human he is and sail him through his future.

What is most precious is learning him as Arjun, the one who owns his personality. His very own idiosyncrasies. The unique things that make him laugh, smile, cry and take my breath away. That very character that he now owns. It is truly a miracle to watch you take shape and form.

My first year with my son, a magical journey we are on. we walk through each step in harmony and hope with great anticipation to see what the new year brings for us both.

Thank you for a year full of joys, fun, laughs, and precious special moments …..

I cant wait to see what the new has in store us …. HAPPY 2017!!

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