Your very first steps…straight into my heart

img_5336Arjun took his first little steps on the 10th of Dec. 11 months old and a great milestone! Watching him take those tiny little steps, was an incredible emotional experience for me. I felt proud, humbled and empowered but most of all I felt deep bond and connection with my son. When I least expected it to happen, he simply decide to take those very first steps. Steps that did more than just mark a milestone moment, they rekindled my spirits.

I am not a believer in fate, luck or chance. I believe we are a product of our environment, our actions and our decisions. We lead to ourselves to consequences, good or bad, which will pave a path for us to follow. The timing of your little first steps couldn’t have come at a better time. It was like a providence of hope intervening and guiding us both.

I watched you let go of your fear. You raised your arms across, in balance, gazing forward, with a big smile and in full control you took a step. A part of you unwitting and a part of you alive and sentient. Ah almost a fall… but you regained your balance, you looked forward again and your eyes were brimming with excitement and exhilaration of your achievement. I was so proud of you.

We go through life not remembering these fundamental moments. It is indeed a great loss of reminiscence, a  pity, because it is in the collection of the simple things, be it memories, a struggle, a fall,  that greater things are born.

Arjun my dear little son, you might think it is only little babies that learn how to walk but no…. Life will present itself with many opportunities where we might have to relearn to walk. Where you might have to learn to balance the odds, face your fears and take the plunge forward.

I want to thank you my dear little boy, through your milestone moment, you not only shared a precious milestone moment with me, you shared your confidence, your strength, your hope and your motivation to continue to experience greater things. You took those little steps when mommy needed them the most. Watching you embrace life, I gained my confidence to take my steps. Just like yours they are little, but in the right direction, and above all, alongside with you. You gave me the strength to hold on to my dreams. Thank you. Watching you take those little steps and fall right back down, stand up again and try, rekindled my spirit to keep trying and striving for our dreams.

I am so proud of you my little son, I cant wait to see what’s next in store for us…… thank you for all the lessons you teach me.

As much as our little ones learn and sponge knowledge from us, I believe they have equal, if not more, to teach us.

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