10 months old, Arjun’s first winter approaches Brrr..


All the little things you do warm up my winter.

Dear Arjun,

My adventurous little curious Columbus.  It is your first winter. Together we will share the enchantments that it brings. Together we will continue to explore your new world. As the frostiness approaches we will hunt for the northern lights, we will feel winter’s magic as the heavens decorate the earth with shiny crystals and white rolling hills. We will feel the calm silence, the spellbinding stardust crackle in the air. We will warm our hearts with the smell the gingerbread in the oven and the brewing kettle of cinnamon spiced chai. Most important, we will warm our hearts with your explosive aura that spreads so much love and joy.

Your little highlights.

You can now give high fives to everyone. Everything around you excites you. You are learning things as quick as you race to pick them up. You are mapping your way around and absorbing all you see. You now understand the words clap and no, when I say clap you clap your little hands to your heart’s content, your little way of showing excitement. When I say no, you shake your head, which is utterly adorable. You also do this when you don’t want to eat food.

I have to admit, it is tough job feeding you, you are definitely a fussy eater. You don’t like to nap either. You now have about 5 little teeth cutting through giving you 7 teeth in total. You can stand quite well, still supported. You love music, bob a little too and sing little tunes from the heart. You call out everyone “adhaaa” you don’t call me mommy yet.  You love to ride the swings in the park.  You got a magical smile that spreads such warmth to everyone around you.

You add a new magic to winter. I will never experience a dull winter with you in my life.

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