Nine months old …

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Arjun is nine months old. I exclaim – Wow nine months!!!!

Arjun is nine months old…. nine months!!!! seriously, where has time gone. (ok ok I will stop). I hate to sound like an overexcited new mommy on a caffeine high who does not stop hyping up an occasion as each month goes by…. But nine months?!!!

It is epically beyond disbelief to see my little one transition into the awesome little man he is. Jumping over milestone after milestone and literally, if not avariciously grabbing life by his little hands.Thank you dear Arjun, for making me experience the magic and marvels that unfold as you bud and blossom into this bundle of happiness. The rudimentaries that we big humans simply take for granted.

He is now mastering the techniques of crawling, he is rising to any occasion, lifting his little body up and grabbing everything in his way.  My little Christopher Columbus adventures and explores all around the house, opening cupboards, closing doors, curiously fiddling, and probing, with everything that comes his way. No fear in his eyes, only fear is when mommy exclaims “Don’t open that, don’t touch this, don’t eat that ….” I slowly but surely realise that I could be his roadblock in his new discoveries.

His exhilaration for the simple things, unremittingly reminds me  how new the world is to him. The little things I take for granted, he now gives me a new perspective on the simple things around me. I want him to stay curious, stay inquisitive, and continue to have that look of revelation in his eyes and the smile of achievement.

Dear little man, when you stand you still topple and fall, when you crawl you still slip and slide, little baby there is so much to learn in these nine month. But the most important lesson this month is…

… Life is a balancing act.

Also remember what Vincent van Gogh wrote,

“Great things are not done by impulse, but by a series of small things brought together.”

Nine little firsts …… 

  1. You had your first sniff sniff sneeze sneeze drip drip cold. (mommy suffered with you)

  2. You got your first library card and borrowed some books too (Sorry mom is a geek)
  3. First time in a swimming pool ( we both hate water so I gladly share your sentiments)
  4. First holiday ( we both loved afternoon tea with Peter Rabbit in Lake District)
  5. First time you stood up and using a walker took some wobbly little steps ( you preferred sitting on the grass)
  6. You attended your first toddler group (hmmm lots of tots around … you were teething, therefore tried to get a bite scratch from a little girl’s head! opps)
  7. Your very first time on a swing ( you almost fell asleep as it oddly had a very calming effect on you)
  8. You had your awful first accident with some hot water (mommy heart broke ….. she will never talk about it ever)
  9. First time you ransacked the kitchen cupboard, took lots of pans out  (Cling clang cling clang …. )

At the moment Arjun hates….

  • getting his nose cleaned
  • brushing his two teeth
  • Eating meals on his high chair

Mommy confessions:

  • I sometimes eat your baby biscuits  ….(they taste yummy) ……




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