Rise and Rise again until lambs become lions*


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Hmmm is there any such thing as crawling with one leg? If so i think my little wriggly baby seems to have mastered the technique. The good news is he has started crawling (albeit with one leg as he drags the other forward) and the great news is he learnt how to lift himself up and stand (supported) before he could crawl. Now what does that mean development wise?

From what I notice, Arjun would prefer to stand instead of crawl. He seemed to get a thrill from standing up on his own and that’s all he wanted to do over and over again. So much so, that all his efforts, mistakenly, which I¬†thought were to crawl, were efforts to try to stand.

So how did he start to crawl. This is a two fold answer. The first: Each time he would try to stand, he would loose his balance and topple down. He would land on all fours and somewhat forced by nature to move forward to crawl to get himself up again.

The second fold: Use bait! Arjun’s bait was his dummy, he needs his dummy. And lord and behold nothing would stop him from getting his dummy, not even a limp like crawl.

Yes, my baby loves to challenge nature…

My dear little one has it all confused. ūüôā or maybe not but it is adorable watching him ¬†manoeuvre around and try so hard, ¬†he truly is a determined little chap.

And mothers out there, please do not follow all those articles that state that if a baby doesn’t learn to crawl s/he has development issues. That is utter nonsense. Babies have their own technique, some conform to the norm and others don’t. They simply have a different approach to learn the same thing.


Dear Arjun, I cannot be happier to see you try and try so hard. I cannot  be happier to see you pick yourself up, each time you fall, I cannot be happier to see you overcome the fear of falling. You want to walk, you want to run, and you want to succeed. I cannot be more happier to see you triumph amidst the falls. I am so so so very proud of your little one foot crawl.

This is a great lesson I want you to remember. My dear little one, even though the outcome was not what you wanted you have succeeded.   You can now crawl. Keep trying, even when you fall, lift yourself up and rise to the challenge. In life we will fall, we will struggle, we will cry and we will wish for things to be easier but I will remind you of the priceless smile you had on your face when you stood up on your own.

A smile that seems to scream at me

” Look mommy I did it …..”

And my dear Arjun always remember, I will always be there, watching you, and rushing to pick you up when you fall.

*Rise and rise again until lambs become lions – Robin Hood

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  1. Veena says:

    The joys of observing your child’s growth is unparalleled

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Veena says:

    When our life revolves around our children everything about them is a source of delight. Your joy to see him grow to an awesome little gentleman may be the best phase of your life. God bless him.


    1. Aww you are so right, it is indeed a great phase of life

      Liked by 1 person

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