£€$$ Tip: A high note on the highchair …


There are many ridiculously over priced baby highchairs in the market but why spend so much when you can save and still get an as good, as comfy, as elegant highchair for your little one.

I purchased my awesome highchair from IKEA and my little one and I are uber loving every minute of it !!! The best part of the sale journey was having an opportunity to try the chair before I purchased it, while indulging myself in a scrumptious victorian sponge cake and a cuppa tea (both <£2) at the IKEA restaurant.

My son loves sitting on it, playing with his toys and the most important – having his meals on it!


Its simple, elegant, secure, space saving, easy to clean and shockingly cheap on the pocket. No gimmics that you’ll never use, no fluffs and suffocating padding and no clunky designs that take up your entire room.

For exactly £19 you can get the highchair, tabletop and the removable comfortable padding. Or have the option of buying them individually. How amazing is that?! (The highchsir £9,table top £4, support cushion £6)

Do not get suckered into buying the crazily priced chairs, If you’re confused on what highchair to get trust us this is the baby thrown for you.

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  1. Looks great. Do suckers on tray toys stick to this?


    1. Yes … My son highchair toys sticks quite well. Glad you find the post useful X

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