8 months old …

Once upon a time, there was a little buzzing bumblebee that bumped into a little Robin as they both landed on some flowers to drink some nectar. The little Robin had a glance at the humble bumblebee and was astounded to see it fly about. The Robin found this rather odd, as she did not expect it to hover around as quick as it did. The Robin asked “hello there furry creature, you are short and stubby, round and tubby and you have little wings with no feathers, you are not aerodynamic, so how is it you can fly”? The humble bumblebee replied back “Oh little Robin, all this I didn’t know, I simply just know I can fly and keep flying…

On a sunny day a little green frog was hopping about its business in a farmyard. The nosey little frog was very curious when it saw some cows in a barn. Being somewhat a little careless, somewhat a little curious he ended up falling into a half filled pail of fresh milk.

Oh ! he kicked about, he flipped and flapped and swam around, trying so hard to reach the top. The sides of the pail were so high and slippery and with every attempt he would splash right back into the milk. With each drop, back he leaped back forward spillshing and splashing all about. Oh he struggled so very hard. But, he did not give up.

He walloped about, kicking and squirming, endeavouring so hard, splattering about up and down in the pail of milk. Until at last, all his churning about in the pail had turned the milk into a big globule of butter. Slowly with time, the butter got harder and solid enough for him to hop right out of the pail.

The moral of both stories are quite obvious:

If you don’t know your limitations, they simply don’t exist.


Never give up.

Arjun just turned eight months old. In the grand scheme of things for a little one who has not yet learnt how to take his first step, many would think he has a long long way to go. Alas, but don’t be fooled, within these eight months, I strongly believe, subliminally at least, he continually and persistently teaches himself deep-seated lessons that will surface up when he will need it the most in life.


I watch my dear little son try so hard to learn how to crawl and reach out to grab things. On numerous occasions, I will place him on the carpet and put a toy away from him in hope that whilst reaching out for the toy, he will leap forward and learn to crawl. With many attempts of waving his hands in the air to propel his body forward, often he would topsy-turn and fall back, other days he would miss his balance and bob his little head to the ground. Eight months on and my little baby is still learning to crawl and has not quite mastered the technique yet.

However ! Slowly but surely his slow gross motor skills did not stop him from getting the toy. Albeit, he didn’t crawl but he would find a way to grab his little hands on to the tease toy. He was so persistent and he simply would not give up. He had to get the toy.  Need i say more, let the pictures speak for themselves.

He decided, the can come to him instead of him going to the toy….

Until one day, we built his crib, once all done and set, I put him in there to enjoy his cosy new baby pad.  And to my astonished and pleasant surprise, he grabbed the crib bar with his little hand and lifted his little body up. Although supported, but he lifted himself up and stood proud strong on his little feet. I’ll  never forget his excitement, his priceless smile of achievement shining all over his face. He did it yet he cannot crawl. I knew he cannot crawl but Arjun doesn’t know that ….


I could not be more proud of my little boy efforts and determination. He always keeps trying and doesn’t give up. Great strengths his aquired in less than a year in this world.

So here is to eight months and eight great things about you ….

  1. You can now clap with both palms,
  2. You nibbles on food,
  3. You always put gravity to the test,
  4. You love chewing on my laptop cable,
  5. you grab everything and anything,
  6. You laugh out loud when I nose tickle your belly,
  7. You love yogurt so much I camouflage your meals with it,
  8. You can lift yourself up and stand while supported.

its been a great eight months, filled with joy and fun. It’s getting so very interesting as each month passes by, I simply can’t to see what excitements you bring the next month….

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