Milestone Alert! My baby’s First pair of teeth…

imageOh! That moment has arrived! To forever say goodbye my little boy’s toothless cheerful grin and say a big hello to the peeking little shy central incisors that have lodged themselves into his bottom gum, in their new permanent cozy home, ready to continue to burgeon in his little 7 month old gum.

Hello little teeth blooms …. ! Nonetheless, I will surely miss his toothless pink-gum-only cute smile.

The little eruptions seemed to pierce with a vengeance just about 36hours ago. The little white miniature ridges made their debut cut yesterday (probably the night before). It took 219 days (7 months and 6 days) of development. And boy ! They made quite an entrance, I must say, It took a couple of months of gum irritation, a few weeks of itching, crankiness, buckets loads of drool, and bouts of  loss of appetite. At some point I was worried my little one turned into a petulant crabby little baby with a slight disposition to an ill-temper expressed by wails of cries and mourns. On the plus side he had extremely cute pink rosy cheeks.

His tiny hands offered  a great amount of comfort as his very own personal soft chewing teether, but on days that failed he would try a chew on to everything and anything his little hands grab on to. The cooled teething rings and all the fluff out there did not quite help him through, what would be his first painful experience. Nor did the teething gels, balms, salts or sprays work.

So here are few inexpensive things that helped us thought this  disquieting episode. (please use all with adult supervision).

  1. A soft plastic feeding spoon: Arjun used this as a tooth scratcher. He would curb the urge to rub and chew when his gums needed a good scratch. It is soft and easy for him to grip.
  2. A wooden spatula: When he needed something harder he loved the wooden spatula. The texture was different, that of a soft wood. He simply found it irresistible. I would boil the spatula in hot water first and wash it off with cold water. he would get a good relief when he needed something stronger to bite on to.
  3. plastic bag clip: Oddly he really found comfort in chewing on this too …
  4. A wooden toy Xylophone mallet: He simply loved gnawing his gums through this, it was easy for him to hold and the mallet was a good size to fit into his mouth and move it around when he wanted a good rub.
  5. Bright red start vibration fruit teether. This teether was amazing, soft and when he presses his gum on to the soft plastic it gently vibrates, massages and soothes his gums.
  6. Dummy gently washed with toothpaste: Before bed, I would wash his dummy with a little toothpaste. This helped with a cooling effect. I tried to avoid feeding him immediately before bed as it can often lead to tooth decay and hinder the growth of healthy first teeth.


There you go – You don’t have to spend money to prepare your baby for the teething process. Find safe things around the house that grabs their interest and be very observant to their behaviours and responses. And after a long day of agonizing discomfort he all your little one needs is you to give a tight caress and warm hug to sleep.

Oh! What excitement is it to feel his first stab at putting his tender but sharp little teeth to use as he grinds his urges over my fingers.

Each day and each milestone moment is a constant reminder of his formation. My awesome little man is growing, my little man is GROWING. .


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