Happiness Is … A big infectious smile right under my nose.

imagePlaying with my little one I realised the one priceless lesson he has taught me is

Happiness is within us.

Arjun finds joy and happiness in everything around him. From the moment he wakes up, he always has a smile to share, brimming with excitement in his eyes, ready to begin his day fully of life. He wants to LIVE life till his heart is content. He is HAPPY to be ALIVE.

Sometimes, we all need to relearn how to live by taking lesson from our little angels.

Happiness is within him, it is his choice and I believe unconditionally, unintendedly, he chooses to be happy. He wants to feel joyful and he projects that to me. It is a human disposition to be happy and it is inward. From the priceless smile he shares every morning, each time I look at him, he  illuminates and spreads all the happiness in him.

The mistake we adults make is we go looking for happiness else where, we look for happiness in the things we buy, eat and experience.We want everything to be good and by some crazy equation we assume we will be happy. We go searching for it as if it is in the objects and things we buy, we keep gathering things, thinking if we have it all we will be happy. We think there is an inverse proportionality of problems vs happiness. And this is where we go wrong. There is no secret to happiness.

Happiness is not out there, It is in us.


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