Only but half to one, unlocked the raw human in me.

imageMY dear little man you are half way to one…….. Strangely, over the past months, I’ve had to pay such close attention to every minute, hour, day and month, now your modest age of just six months seems like the reverse of dog years, albeit, cat years of pure love, joy and laughter.

It has been a humbling and re-inventive 6 months of my life. Spending nearly ever minute of my day together, watching you learn about yourself and the ways of the world and experiencing with you, the down to basics fundamentals we all tend to take for granted. Through your little steps, I am rediscovering the primal animal in us that feels the first touch, hears the first sound, see the first colour, taste the first flavours and responds back in either pleasure of displeasure.

Nature still prevails within us. I assumed over all these years with exposure to technology and the digital era, we slowly built a vacuum between what was our primitive anthropoid and a face. I thought we lost some of that primal instinct, but no, as each day passes by, I am reassured I am a still a member of the human race, distinguished by our emotion intelligence, our affection, and by our social behaviours. I experience the raw primeval bond between a mother and its child.

Your six months highlights: You love being carried around, still topples when sitting up, you can’t sleep without your dummy, you laugh with your heart, smile most of the time, pull mommy’s hair and glasses, like giving kiss-like-pecks, enjoy music, loooooove Incy wincy spider, and totally laugh out loud when you are given a nose tickle on your belly. You are still discovering new foods, you seem to like strawberries, avacado, carrots, sweet potatoe, baby rice, cereal, all puréed. But mommy’s milk is still your favourite.

No signs of crawling yet (and I am beginning to get worried), however, you are very expressive, you are so curious, so alert, and vocal. You’ve started saying “la la la la”. You’re gums seem itchy so I think next month we might see a little tooth.

You do not like when mommy puts you down, you demand to be carried all the time (an di think this is why you have been late in learning now to crawl) when mommy leaves the room you hate that too, you hate nappy changes in the middle of the night,  noises from blender and pressure cooker. And most of all you HATE bath time !!!

Sweet little things I simply adore: You rub your little eyes when you are sleepy, your morning smiles are so priceless, you simply cant wait to start the day, the excitement in your actions amazes me. You kick mommy in bed when asleep.You eat your little toes when you play!! And your eyes light up when you see Nani-ma.

You heart is full of love ….

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