Arjun is 4 Months & spreading tons of love…

image24 tall, approx 5.6kg

I can sit up and hold my head for a few minutes.

I love playing pee a boo.

I love sucking my hands & grandma’s cheeks.

I still drool and vomit.

I wriggle and sleep funnily on my side.

Mummy smiles and I flood her with smiles back.

I recognise my family.

I mimic mummy gestures.

I shout & scream, giggle & laugh.

I love being carried around.

My very first animal I saw was a miniature donkey in a barn.

Grandma is my BFF & partner in crime!

imageMy nicknames are Chipku. ( I stick like Velcro when I’m carried), Nikku (little one), Chotu, (small one) & Nanima calls me Arav.

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