3rd Month Birthday Humour

I now laugh and giggle, I babble and prattle, no more head bobbing and wobbling, I can now wriggle but still cannot roll, I love cuddles,  I love hearing everyone talk to me, and I smile! I also drool a pool. I can now mimic mommy when she says she LOVES me … Newborn? Who? Me? Hell nooo! I am now an Infant – at last ! I am 3months OLD!

what’s erks mommy?

Answer: When I fart before, pee during and poop after a nappy change!!


…. and mommy still loves me tons and heaps

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  1. Ankit says:

    When champ will grow up and someday will read all this.. I wonder how he will laugh. 😛 😀


    1. Hmmm he’ll probably laugh with a sense of love and joy 🙂

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