My First immunisation….

imageToday is not going to be a fun day. My lacrimal sac will be put to the test! Stay tuned for more to come after I get the bloody jab!!

Arjun’s first experience of pain was his first immunisation shot. It is the first time I heard a cry I had never heard before. The first time I felt his pain …. He looked up for me to take the pain away.  He looked into my eyes so as to ask me “make them stop … why are you allowing this……”. He held on to me and I embraced him soo very tight, thinking somehow I will take the pain away. I was engulfed with a helpless feeling knowing that neither one of us can take the pain away – “baby you have to brave it …..”.

His first experience of pain is a merciless, heart wrenching experience for a mother. The nurses are very automated, in goes the jab, swab clean, dress and get the next injection ready! it is brutal.

After a week he had his BCG shot (tuberculosis), this time around Arjun felt stronger and more acceptable to the element of surprise pain. I also used a dummy to distract him. The minute the shot went in I plugged the dummy in his mouth.  A win win for me – I didn’t get to hear him cry and released another heart wrenching  wail and a win for him, he loves sucking on it!. The power of the dummy is as good a moment of hypnosis.

Perhaps, once he got over the initial shock of pain the next experiences seem easier to absorb. I suppose his threshold will now  keep growing, the shock absorbers get stronger and stronger and the innocence lessened by each new experience.

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