2nd Month Birthday Bash…

imageArjun is now two months old!! Boy time is racing on … Each day that ebbs along I watch him change as he grows and develops.

He finally smiles ….. Recognises me and others around him. He loves watching me chit chat, he loves attention and squeaky noises from his brightly coloured toys.

He now gargles in baby language and often says the word “ka”. I don’t classify that as his first official word…. But he seems to say that when he is calm and in response to my stories I get a couples of “ka’s”.

His eyes light up big when he sees mommy! My treat for the late nights and long colic cries. He loves observing his surrounding, bright coloured paintings and sunlight rooms. He enjoys tummy time with his teddy bears and now  try’s to grab and feel things within his reach.

It’s the basic simple things that build us humans to the people we are now. It’s amazing spending each day with him watching him develop into my little tiger. The simple building blocks that are setting the foundations of his likes, dislikes, personality and character.

I talk to him about every days things. I take him out to the garden and show him the sun, the green trees and fresh smells. I tell him he is a strong baby , his cry can be confused for a pussy cat but he is a tiger!!

I can’t wait to see what the third month has in store for us ….

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  1. Hello! I’ve just nominated your blog for the Liebster award! 🙂 If you’d like to nominate other blogs just follow the link and the instruction at the bottom of the post


    1. Wow ! Thank you !! Very kind of you X X X

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