My First Mother’s Day Gift…


Over the years I often questioned the true meaning of love and happiness. Having you has been a miracle. It’s reinvented my world and redefined my life.

My treasured moments with you is my heaven on earth. Watching your eyes light up when you see me, watching you kick your hands and feet in excitement, feeling your little fingers tightly  grip on my finger when you feed, holding your little hand when you sleep, hearing you gargle talk and learning your communicative ways, fisting your hand and pointing it to your mouth to tell me you’re hungry, yelling when your dummy falls off, screaming for my attention … And all your precious priceless little smiles you gift me with every morning ….All this and much more you do has given me the true definition of love and happiness.

It’s your second month in this world and you’ve splashed it with so much joy and excitement. You’ve made my life beautiful. Every moment shared with you is a gift. Thank you my dear little Arjun for giving me the intellect and teaching me how to be a mother. Thank you for guiding us in this journey together and being my little angel. Thank you for making me stronger, wiser, braver and injecting my life with purpose and endless joy. Thank you for giving me hope, the courage to carry on and the power to make the right decisions. In just 8 weeks you’ve given me a lifetime of happiness.

And above all – thank you the greatest wonderful gift of motherhood.

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