Happy first month Arjun …

Mommy ate all my cake …

Ten tiny little fingers that always want to play,
That never stop exploring the wonder of today.
Ten tiny little fingers that from the very start,
Will reach out for tomorrow yet always hold my heart.
— Author Unknown


It’s unbelievable how time flies…. Arjun’s first month has been a great start to life and one that has filled my life with enormous joy, happiness, laughs and sense of great purpose and satisfaction. Over the past weeks he has learnt small adorable little things about the world around him and about his new life.

First week: He learnt the useful cute indicators to tell me he is hungry.He sticks his little tongue out at me, bobs his head and suckles his hand to tell me he is hungry! If all that fails he bursts into a wail and cry knowing well enough that should do the job! Mommy learnt how to change his nappy.

Second week: He learnt that he could use his sleeve / arm to wipe down his milk drool. Not a good habit but I’m not quite sure where he picked that up from 🙂 he learnt mommy doesn’t like bad latches and there is a technique to breastfeed. Mommy learnt the same too.

Third week: He learnt that his little fingers can be used to grab things and hold on to things. He started grabbing my glasses, my hair, his cheeks when he is feeding and his clothes. He also learnt how to burp to comfort his tummy. A habit I have to warn him doesn’t work with the girls when he is older. Mommy learnt how to help him wind.

Fouth week: He learnt that he could cushion his head with his arm or hand. He gently props his arm under his head or creates a fist with his hand and rests it under his cheeks when he falls asleep! Massively uber adorable !! Mommy learnt how to give him a bath.

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