My fashion sense has jumped off a cliff…

Arjun: hmmm I wonder why mommy always wears grey …..

It feels like I’ve been in my robe for a whole year, pyjamas and jumper suits. Spending 8 months shopping in the baggy budget section and recycling a few pieces of outfit over and over again, my passion for fashion had taken a back seat as comforts of incubating a baby called shot gun! Placid, cosy, casual, roomy, sluggish, blah were pretty much what dictated my sense of dress.

Post pregnancy blues, now I am breastfeeding, my fashion sense has taken another beating. or should I say a heightened sense of serenity. I find myself wearing odd mixtures of tops and bottoms. The pyjamas still hold their power in seat but my tops have graduated to shirts, yes I am not ashamed to say, my formal work shirts have been put right back to work! The ease to button up and down …. cannot be a more desired lingerie in the night.

My new found winter season couture is now gatecrashing into spring, my collection of fairisle pom pom jumpers with Christmas red slacks, buttoned cardigans with jegging bottoms, v neck tees with easy to wear flannels, the fleecy onesies, and who can forget the plaid pink pyjamas!!! What’s brilliant about this is the style is interchangeable with any colour, any bottom and not to mention any accessory ~(such as; the scarf look-alike, also known as a  muslin cloth, white towels, or even baby blankets worn as ponchos! but guess my all time favourite? a hint….only us privileged mothers can wear, the baby carrier!!!)

Oh! and to go along with this fab look, did you hear about the new winter Eau de Parfum, that captures the decadence scent of sweet curdle of milk, and if regurgitated by a tiny little neonate its  sure to last longer than 72hrs! They simply call it baby milk!

Atleast we have tons of oxytocin to spread the love, keeps our spirits high and allow us to relax as we remodel what we once thought our lives to be.

Ps: I am not complaining – it is all worth it for baby 😉

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  1. Same in here! Taking care and breastfeading my third baby! 🙂


    1. Wow 🙂 how do you do it ?! x

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      1. I just try not to think about it! 🙂

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