Kamwana …

Arjun blogMy dear little one was born 24 days ago. They say those who give birth are blessed to live two lives in one lifespan.

“A new life given to me by the new life I made within me.”

The past weeks have been simply a joy! That’s not to say It has not been hard work. My world as I once knew it will never be the same. Maybe calling it hardwork is not right, an adjustment, late nights, early mornings, a switch off to my life and switch on to a routine of nappy changes, feeds and lots of crying. From learning how to breastfeed, overcoming the pain of several bad latches, mid-night bursts of colic and acid reflux wails and on-demand-attention cries.  I now realise that there is no hard fast rule to motherhood and mothering babies. No book prepares you for what’s to come, You learn on the day and you learn on the job. That goes for baby too. And I love every minute of it.

When he was born and handed to me, his crying immediately instantaneously came to a halt,  as I said his name “Arjun” he looked deep into my eyes, staring at the face of the voice he heard and heartbeat we shared for 8 months. I don’t think I will every forget those seconds, he recognised me, he felt safe and we said hello.

My pregnancy was probably the worst 8 months of my life, unexpected and unprepared, I was hit with every symptom recorded in the books, my morning sickness was all day & night sickness, and not to mention – battling with the curve  balls life throws our way. It was not a fun pregnancy as most women would describe theirs. But through those 8 months, a fighter was growing within me, my little trooper pushing me to continue with hope for happier days to come our way. Now, a new location, a new life, a new start, an unknown future, together we stand as each others pillars of strength, hope, happiness and life.

Kamwana means “dear little one” in Kikuyu. My dear little one, in just 24 days of your arrival you’ve given me a lifetime of joys, innocent first moments we both will share together forever.


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