wasn’t eating supposed to be fun & simple….

I am generally a very positive person and enjoy sharing the positivity that surrounds me and my little son. But there are some days in my journey as a mommy, I feel like sinking my head in the sand in hope that the earth beneath will swallow me and drown my state of helplessness, or…

Cheeky little monkey

“Mischief, giggles, fun and love … that’s what little boys are made off”

And we splish and splash …

31 degrees. Arjun first taste of heat. The very best a British summer has to offer – an Indian summer 😉 No rain, no drizzle, no hail, no fog and no clouds. Just summer. I believe everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. Enjoy your second summer.

17 months and 17 words…

17 months have taught Arjun 17 adorable creative words in english, swahili, punjabi, he uses to express himself….

The seed fairy… Day 3

Like a wildflower you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would….Sink your little fingers in the warm earth and feel the endless possibilities of the new season. Just like you, the garden is a place of miracles.  

Spread love…Day 2

Teach our future love, compassion and unity. Only love can conquer hate. My heart and prayers are with everyone in Manchester.